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As part of its educational philosophy, the School takes special care to design methodologies that encourage various disciplines to intersect and encounter each other. In their 2nd year, the students participate in the 3-week multidisciplinary "Plateaux" program, which provides an opportunity to work with students from other departments on an object-related project. In the 3rd year, the interdisciplinary aspect is developed in the form of inter-department and/or inter-school workshops.



Some workshop examples:

1st-year students tell us their dreams
Under the supervision of École des Arts Déco professor Paul Sztulman, 1st-year students worked on the theme of dreams, in a workshop entitled "Representing Dreams." After meeting with Dr. Isabelle Arnulf, a neurologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, students familiarized themselves with the latest neurological research developments on disturbances in rapid-eye-movement sleep. They used multiple formats such as installations, drawings, films, and objects to express what they learned about dreams.

Printed Images department produces the Arte Flamenco poster
At the initiative of Xavier Pangaud, professor and coordinator of the Printed Images department, 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-year students supervised by professors Frédéric Houssin and Toan Vu-Huu participated in a workshop to produce the poster for the 2012 Arte Flamenco Festival in Mont-de-Marsan, France. A delegation from the festival came to the School to evaluate the different projects. The poster made by 5th-year student Elise Doss was chosen as the project winner.

Students from the Stage Design and Photography/Video departments participate in a workshop with Claire Denis
Fifteen 4th-year students worked together with filmmaker Claire Denis on the theme "anxiety in cinema." They will try to understand how this feeling can be amplified by adding artificial light to daylight.
The workshop was supervised by the coordinators of the two departments, Brice Leboucq and Christian Courrèges, and ended with the shooting of a long take in the School's courtyard.