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Endowment fund

The École des Arts Déco calls on all companies wishing to support young creation, boldness, and innovation through sponsorship.



What is an endowment fund?

The "Fonds de dotation" (endowment fund) is a financial tool created by the French Law of 4 August 2008 on the Modernization of the Economy. It enables non-profit public-interest organizations such as the École des Arts Déco to receive assets of any nature in support of a charitable activity or service of general interest.

Thanks to the endowment fund, individual donors, businesses, and foundations can participate in the projects of the School on an ongoing basis, thereby supporting its long-term development:

Developing research and innovation

- by offering scholarships or by supporting research programs developed by the EnsadLab laboratory.

Establishing the School's position in the international arena
- by developing partnerships, inviting foreign professionals, and setting up international workshops that facilitate exchanges of practice.

Guaranteeing the value of the diploma in the professional world
- by organizing art- and design-related events (Designer's Days in 2013);

- by developing publications highlighting graduates' creations.

Sponsorship can consist of monetary donations, in-kind contributions (gifts of equipment), or donations of skills (temporary transfer of personnel, for example).

It can also take the form of a planned gift or bequest.

Supporting the École des Arts Déco also means:

- The possibility of tax benefits in France (French Law of 1 August 2003):
Companies can benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of amounts given as sponsorship, within the limit of 0.5% of total turnover.
Individuals benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of amounts given in sponsorship, within the limit of 20% of net taxable income.

- The possibility of personalized benefits
Sponsorship also allows businesses and individuals to be associated throughout the year with School events related to art and design.

Whatever the amount of your donation, your support is crucial!

For further information :
Constance Laridan
+33 (0)1 42 34 97 10