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Foreign students at the School

The international dimension has become essential in building a professional future. Study abroad is an opportunity for students to confront their capacities for innovation and creation with different cultures and different economic, social, and environmental approaches. Working in another culture is also a way of becoming strongly adaptable.



As part of the harmonization of higher education at the European and international levels, the School facilitates the mobility of its students and proposes study-abroad opportunities at its partner institutions. This mobility is part of an exchange program based on an exceptional network of academic (more than 50 in Europe) and professional partnerships.

The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs is a public institution of higher education under the authority of the French Ministry for Culture and Communication. It teaches a 5-year course in 10 departments: Interior Architecture, Art, Animation, Multimedia/Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Textile and Texture Design, Printed Images, Photography/Video, Stage Design.

Students are accepted at the School only after passing a competitive entrance examination. The School's diploma is recognized as Master's level.
Under the terms of Article 53, concerning "Foreign exchange students," of Chapter VI of the school’s internal regulations, "overseas students on a study program at the school, either as part of an exchange agreement or as part of the Erasmus program, may not sit for the entrance examinations to the 2nd and 4th year, nor claim entitlement to the School’s diploma."

Furthermore, the ECTS accreditation system provides for transfer of credits, granted within the framework of a program, to another program offered by the same or another school. However, such a transfer is possible only if the school delivering the diploma recognizes the credits and the corresponding level of educational attainment, knowing that the credits are granted by schools entitled to do so (Article 4.2).

Students from foreign institutions

Admission for study at the School is determined by the coordinator of the department concerned, after examination of the applications.
Students accepted as part of an exchange are exempted from registration fees, as their tuition has been paid at their school of origin.
Foreign students receive an "École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs students card." During their study period, they enjoy the same rights and are subject to the same obligations as the students of the School.

An attestation for the period study at the École nationale supérieure des Art Décoratifs, as well as a transcript of grades and credits corresponding to each teaching unit, is provided to foreign students at the end of their studies at the School.

Application for a study period
Applications must be sent to the Director of International Relations by the persons in charge at the partner schools, or by the candidates themselves in the event of an individual application.

Director of International Relations: Frédérique Bruelle